mobile app development languages

The front-end and back-end are the two most popular terms associated with Mobile App Development. Both of them are quite different from each other. Each of them needs to communicate effectively to improve the mobile app functionality.

Difference between front-end and back-end development:

Front-end development includes the design, navigating menus, texts, images, videos, etc. In other words, the users can see and interact with Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the command line. On the other hand, the users cannot interact or see in the back-end development.

The visual aspects can be seen through the front-end development. On the other hand, the background process can be attributed to the back-end development.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript are the front-end languages. On the other hand, Python, PHP, SQL are some of the back-end languages.

Front-End Development:

Front-end development is the part of a mobile application that the user interacts directly. The user experiences text colors and styles, images, graphs and tables, buttons, colors, and the navigation menu.
The developers must ensure responsiveness and performance in the front-end part.

Front-End Programming Languages:


JavaScript is a magic scripting language used to make a site interactive for the user. It is one of the most popular front-end languages. If you want to use React Native and Angular.js, you need to learn JavaScript. JavaScript is a versatile front-end programming language that is worth knowing.

JavaScript Pros:

Versatile and flexible languages.
Node.js used.
Faster client-side browsing.
No compilation.
Easy and straightforward control
Plenty of room for variation.


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language used to design the front-end portions with a markup language. HTML5 is the fifth version of Hypertext Markup language that uses structural tags presenting the content on the webpage. HTML5 has exceptional features such as media elements and quick market deployment. Examples: Google Docs and Google Drive.

HTML5 Pros:

All browser compatibility.
In-built capability to support audio and video.
Faster loading.
CANVAS elements used.


Cascading Style Sheets is a simple designed language used to make the page structure presentable. Colors and visuals fall under CSS. CSS learning is a must for building mobile apps.
CSS is a magical layer between the user and the actual product. CSS dictates the look and feel of mobile applications.

CSS Pros:

Less Complex.
Spontaneous Changes.
Easy user interface.
Reduction in file transfer size.

Back-End Programming Languages:

The server side of the websites and mobile applications includes back-end development. It arranges the data in such a way that you cannot see and interact with it. Back-end development includes writing APIs, creating libraries, and working with system components without user interfaces.


C++, used for Android and Native App development, has generic and low-level memory manipulation features. C++, used for developing games, GUI-based applications, banking apps, etc., can quickly adapt to changing hardware and ecosystems.

C++ Pros:


Built-in libraries.
Fast and easy to use.
If you know C++, you can quickly learn Java, C, C#.
Background garbage collector blocked.
Full control.
The app can run on any hardware.


Python is an open-source and object-oriented programming language that was named after a television show called “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” by Guido van Rossum in 1991. It is a widely-used programming language used for developing desktop apps, media tools, machine learning, etc. Python is easy to learn because of its syntax. For instance, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Python provides excellent library support with enhanced capabilities.

Python Pros:

Excellent at readability.
Quick deployment.
Analyzes and computes numeric data.
Scalable apps.
GUI Applications.
Multiple systems.
A flexible set of frameworks.


“PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor” which previously stood for “Personal Home Page” is used on the server-side. PHP is an open-source language that needs database access for server-side scripting, command-line scripting, and coding applications. PHP is a flexible language used for creating eCommerce applications, dynamic and content-heavy apps embedded into HTML 5 or HTML.

PHP Pros:

Independent platform.
Smooth integration.
Content-heavy apps.
Quick loading.
Built-in security.
Learners language.


Kotlin- said to be the advanced version of Java is the best language of apps. The statistically typed programming language has the potential to develop modern Android applications. The
apps built with Kotlin are high-performing and robust apps.

Kotlin Pros:

Clean and concise syntax increases efficiency.
Interoperable and versatile.
Easily overrule the shortcomings of JAVA.
Support from Google and IDE installation packages.
Generates simple code.

Objective-C language:

Objective-C is an extended object-oriented version of C language with added features like Smalltalk- style messaging. Objective-C is a well updated mature programming language used for macOS and iOS operating systems.

Objective-C Pros:

Easy learning.
Extensive use.
Nest coding style supported.

JAVA language:

Java language developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995 is a general-purpose and object-oriented programming language. Java offers the best documentation and community support with in-built open-source libraries available for users. Java develops the best android apps, cross-platform apps, games, server apps, etc.

Java Pros:

Code reusability.
Codes used in multiple environments.
Inherent native code.
Flexible programming language.
Best interface.
Machine-independent language.


Swift language designs to work in iOS, OS X, and tvOS platforms quickly adapt a safe programming pattern. Swift expresses a scripting language with the first industrial-quality systems. Examples: Lift, LinkedIn, Hipmunk, etc.

Swift Pros:

Cocoa and cocoa touch platforms.
Less maintenance.
No bugs of Objective-C.
Easy scaling.
Powerful and easy programming language.
Expressive Syntax.
Interactive code.
Seamless features.

SQL language:

SQL is designed to meet specific standards of ANSI and ISO. It supports both on a community and enterprise-level stands for Structured Query Language. With well-defined standards, the business intelligence tool platforms use SQL.

SQL Pros:

Popular Query language.
Database choice.
Table row optimization.
Large transactions in a single query.
Fast retrieving data.
Consistent data.


Pronounced as C-sharp, C# is a general-purpose programming language majorly used for cross-platform and windows app development. C# uses Swift, Objective-C, and Java programming languages.

C# Pros:

Quick deployment.
Strong typing.
General-purpose language.

Why do you need to know the basics of mobile app development languages?

Different programming languages have different sorts of tasks. The right selection of mobile language yields solutions that are concise, easy to debug and fix.

Often, people will suggest that all the programming languages are equal. However, it is not clear if you are new in the mobile app development field.

The following factors can help you to choose the best programming language easily:

Targeted Platform.
Language elasticity.
Production time.
App building.
Programmer efficiency.

Wrapping Up:

The tremendous growth in the mobile market is not going to stop in near future. The developers
are applying new methodologies and create useful solutions for users. The new modernized
mobile technologies are cost-effective and gaining popularity in a couple of years. Today iOS and Android application development are the leading mobile operating systems and, time will decide how the mobile market will develop.

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eCommerce Development Company in Kolkata

In the internet arena, standing out from the competition is quite a challenge and can be nerve-wrecking for new businesses. Showcasing brand awareness online has become of supreme importance these days. In order to stand out, it is important to develop a website and application for the business. Whenever a consumer comes across a new brand, the first thing they do is browse the website and if they are interested they further search for its application. Website and application act as a dual edged sword to cut through and survive in the competitive market. Websites help to rank your business based on the keywords that the customer types and attract new customers; application on the other hand helps to engage and retain customers.

Key Benefits:


Web applications and websites help to reach the masses and ranks on the basis of the queries of the customers on the search engine. This allows the brand to reach its target audience and spread awareness of their product and services. These platforms enable in establishing trust among customers and leads to retention in the future.

Ability to perform on Various Platforms:

Modern users do not like to be stuck to just one medium and want to be comfortable working on different platforms. Users want to be able to browse on various platforms like Mac, Windows, and the application should be compatible with working on multiple platforms.

Customer Satisfaction:

Contemporary customers seek convenience in browsing and smooth flow of transactions. E-commerce websites and applications today ensure customer satisfaction by making platforms extremely user friendly. Businesses today are building interactive platforms to gain trust of the user and keep them engaged.

Gain Edge over Competition:

Web application and website development helps to gain a competitive edge over the peers. Businesses that are up to date have an advantage over those who still stick up the traditional methods and make them ready to thrive in future challenges.

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Outsourcing Website Development

India is a vast country with the best talents in Information Technology Industry. The cost in India is cheap compared to the USA, UK, etc. Easy available of talents and low rate of talents prove beneficial to companies to outsource the projects to India. The main reasons are as follows:

  1. Cheap talent available around $15/hr
  2. Quality of talent is excellent
  3. Good ROI
  4. You can more focus on advertising rather than development
  5. More spending in an advertisement for acquiring new clients and less spending development hence greater ROI In an advertisement
  6. Peace of mind
  7. Development setup not needed thus saves a lot of costs
  8. Easy contactable to the developer through skype and other IM tools
  9. Very Good setup in India without worrying for monthly rates.
  10. Greater overall satisfaction.

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Improving Marketing Communications

Who doesn’t want to persuade the significant number of customers and drive them to choose own offerings?

Ultimate marketing success hinges on a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and establishment of sustainable customer-centric relationship.

Now the question is ‘How?’

Interaction is the base pillar of everything whether you are doing business, or serving your audiences. However, advance technology implications in the business market, as well as an advanced lifestyle of consumers, gigantically change the eyesight of marketing.

Nothing is there to tell you how digital marketing service transforms the path of your marketing. But, the story doesn’t end here. Do you know how can you have complete utilization of digital marketing functions to improve your marketing communication? 

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Improve your customer engagement with better communication!

The most fundamental and complex part of digital marketing services in Kolkata is the effort marketers contribute.

  1. Active Interaction through Social Media channels

Let me clarify before you take me wrong!

Being in social media and significant utilization of social networks is completely different.

  • May all of your target audience NOT actively pay heed on your social network sites. So, you must have to reach out to your INACTIVE AUDIENCE.
  • In digital marketing services, promoting your products through social networks is the base idea. But, providing information is not enough; you have to promote it with the intention of influencing customers’ buying behavior.
  • Know certain times of the day when your audiences are actively engaged on social networks. This is the time when you have the highest impact on them.
  1. Personalized Email Communication

Email marketing performance has a crucial impact on email communication which rates your digital marketing services in Kolkata.


In most of the cases, marketers generate 4 to 5 buyer personas without considering its accuracy level. You must check which customer fits best in which segment by identifying every little detail.

  • Content repetition is BLUNDER!

Know the need and influential factors of each segment, and create content which influences their psychological traits the most.

Bring comprehensive alignment between your marketing communication, customer-centric engagement approach, and digital marketing services to high your sales enormously.