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The Present Upward Trend of Mobile App Usage

The Present Upward Trend of Mobile App Usage

A warm welcome to Digifrizz Technologies. In the realm of highly advanced and customized mobile app development, it is a highly celebrated software company. A mobile application or smartly familiar with us as a mobile app is a smart software application designed specifically for mobiles or tabs of different categories for the display of certain applications like emails, games or contact databases. But with the passage of time and the sophistication and upgradation of the human civilization the usage of mobile applications are on the increase. Now, mobile apps are used in numerous aspects like games, placing of orders, booking tickets and shows, booking appointments and reservations, listening to songs and watching cinema eCommerce industry and corporate sectors for the increase of their revenue.

Apps are available in the online application distribution portals like Google Play Store or App Store ( iOS ). From there people can browse the apps which they require for a scheduled fee or even free of cost. Most reputed and popular companies now incept apps for the promotion and brand development of their companies for an ultimate interest of conversion or lead generation. Thus, apps are extensively used for manifold utilities in this modern generation.

We are one of India's leading mobile app development companies headquartered in Kolkata, India. With 86+ years of collective experience our team comprises the top rated mobile developers by the global standard. We not only assure you the best users’ experience but also ensure best support and on-time delivery.

Our Avant-garde and Tech-savvy Mobile App Development Portfolio

Digifrizz Technologies has earned immense reputation and popularity in the niche of avant-garde Mobile App Development in Kolkata by virtue of our technological know-how and dedicated & premium services in the arena of fashioning customized and top-grade mobile apps. The outstanding features of our worth-mentioning services are showcased here.

Novel Designs & Their Execution

Novel Designs & Their Execution:

The App Store or the Play Store is a storehouse of numerous apps and the number of such apps is increasing on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not all apps get unique credit or are preferred by people. Most of them do not create a long-lasting impression in the minds of the people and hence, they are often lost among the junk of unused or neglected apps and erased completely from the consciousness of the people. Only some highly sophisticated and appealing apps win the hearts of the people and reign the app world for days to come. Digifrizz Technologies is one such platform to make lucrative and immortal apps to rule the app kingdom. Our technocrats and developers can present you with such alluring and highly-customized mobile apps to promote your products.

Galaxy of Tech Experts

Galaxy of Tech Experts

The conception of any kind of development in any sphere is no doubt great but its proper implementation is the toughest job. The same concept is applicable in the development of lucrative mobile apps. Digifrizz Technologies has earned ample perfection and achievement in this arena. It has coined the excellence in this field by virtue of the presence of numerous tech-experts who have ample excellence and expertise in the field of mobile app development. Our tech-savvy software developers and technocrats have sufficient knowledge and expertise in framing highly-customized and appealing mobile apps really full of class and object-oriented. Our technologically-sound developers and technical experts devise and develop such outstanding apps to fulfil the purpose of the clients well.

Manifold App Platforms

Manifold App Platforms:

Mobile App development has numerous platforms. Each of the platforms has some unique advantages and drawbacks too. Digifrizz Technologies has supreme command on almost all kinds of mobile app development platforms. Yet, we insist our dear clients avail those platforms which have distinct features and fewer obstacles. So, we always adopt the platforms like iOS, Android, Flutter, and React Native. Our tech-savvy and qualified developers design and develop top-class and lucrative mobile apps with customized features. Whatever the objectives of our clients are, we fulfil them with flying colours.

Our Motto: Client Satisfaction

Our Motto: Client Satisfaction:

The ultimate destination or mission of any business organization is client satisfaction and we always do that with due credit. Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata has vast renown in this sphere. Our team of excellent and expert technicians has enormous efficiency in this aspect. We always cherish the mission and objectives of our clients with due credit and assist them to grab their dreams by developing alluring and user-friendly mobile apps for the promotion of their business in the virtual world. With the utmost technological aspects and dedication, our technocrats and developers develop mobile apps.

Amalgam of Talent & Craftmanship

Amalgam of Talent & Craftmanship:

There is no dearth of talent and expertise in the technical experts and developers of the company fostering the implementation of a mobile app with a highly customized origin and lucrative appearance. Besides, the technical teams are highly sensitive to the reputation of the company, and they always offer their devoted and dedicated services to keep up the impression of the company as well as to satisfy the mission and objectives of the clients all the time.

Additional Services for Overall Mobile App Enhancement

Overall Mobile App Enhancement:

Besides the customization and development of a mobile app, some additional services are required for the overall growth of any mobile app like content presentation, graphics designing, domain, and hosting, online marketing, and other peripheral services. All these class services jointly develop a responsive mobile app with premium features. Digifrizz Technologies have efficient experts in all these spheres to provide dear clients with amazing mobile app developments.

Boosting The Performance of Mobile Apps

Boosting The Performance of Mobile Apps:

The success of a mobile app rests not only on lucrative appearance and tech-savvy development but also on some crucial peripheral services like SEO, SEM, SMM for the ultimate boosting and enhancement of the mobile app. We have dedicated experts in every field for the overall performance of top-grade mobile apps. Our technological experts optimize the Mobile Apps in every aspect so that the clients can easily fulfil all their mission and objectives with success at the end.

Affordable Mobile Apps Customization

Affordable Mobile Apps Customization:

Digifrizz Technologies is a sophisticated and premium Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata with vast efficiency and efficacy in App Development Services. We are a client-friendly company and the interest of the clients is our prime objective. That is why we offer our avant-garde and quality services to our clients at a reasonable price. We don't desire to deceive our clients by looting their money. We offer them premium mobile app development services for a resonable price.

Our Guarantees

Our Guarantees

Higher Value for Money

Higher Value for Money

We understand your requirements, do competition/ market research and build high-quality mobile apps to ensure higher value for money for your mobile app development project.

15% Less Turnaround Time

15% Less Turnaround Time

We take up the challenge to complete the project in up to 15% less turnaround time.

20% Cost Saving

20% Cost Saving

We use Agile methodologies and very high-quality process management to enhance operational efficiency which reduce cost to you.

Our Mobile App Development Services

With over 4 million apps in the app store and play store, it is easier to build an app but not so easy to retain and keep users engaged. We keep up with the latest technologies and design methodologies to not only develop a high-quality app but also make your App perform better.

iOS App Development Service iOS App Development Service

We use the latest iOS software development kit with the Cocoa Touch Framework. Our latest software includes X Code 12 and Swift UI.

Read More..

Android App Development Service Android App Development Service

Android alone makes around 80% of the world’s market share. We use the latest Android SDK to create native android experience

Read More..

Flutter Flutter

The latest hybrid mobile app technology Flutter by Google was introduced in 2018 with enormous UI customization potential and native performance

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ReactNative React Native

The Fast performing hybrid mobile application ‘React Native’ was launched by Facebook. It has super-fast performance and native UI design

If that’s not enough, we also help you with

Advanced App Analytics

Advanced App Analytics

Users Retention Strategies

Users Retention Strategies

Personalisation Technologies

Personalisation Technologies

Constant Support

Constant Support

Mobile App Design Features
Team of professionals

Team of professionals

Latest UX technology

Latest UX methodology

Strict On-Time Delivery

Strict On-Time Delivery

24x7 Strong Customer Support

24x7 Strong Customer Support

Who do we work with?

Monitor all our sophisticated and tech-savvy mobile app development services to determine why working with us is worthwhile!

Start-up Companies

Start-up Companies

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)

Fortune 500 Companies

Fortune 500 Companies

Superior Mobile App Development

The Reputation of Digifrizz Technologies in the arena of Mobile App Development

There is no dearth of Mobile App Development Companies in Kolkata. Unfortunately not all of them are efficient and prominent in the arena of mobile app development services. As an experienced Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata we have immense significance and expertise in the sector of mobile app development tools. In fact, we are among the top mobile app development companies in Kolkata as well as in the country. We have vast insights in the arena of mobile app development for android and windows and iOS.

To cater to the needs of the clients, we have an efficient team of experienced professionals and technocrats. They are highly skilled and creative in the arena of the best mobile app development company. Moreover, we always keep our commitments and serve the clients in the most authentic and trustworthy manner. Our technocrats and efficient web developers are very much experienced and dedicated to offer you marvelous and matchless mobile application development services with flying colours. We are also a highly gifted ecommerce app development company in Kolkata with lots of happy clients all over the world. Hence, we can offer you fruitful and best Mobile App Development Services in Kolkata with ample efficiency.

So, feel free to call us whenever you think of top mobile app developers in Kolkata, we can be your first preference. We are always at your service and our budget-friendly and client-friendly services always satisfy the requirements regarding Mobile App Development in Kolkata and other sectors of the world.

Significance of Mobile App Development:

Mobile app development has become the fundamental requirement for every business. Every business wants to be successful and are looking for cut-throat competition. Developing a mobile app can help to retain the existing customers and also acquire new customers.

The significance of mobile app is very palpable. Business connections with up-to-date information are possible by the customers due to mobile apps. Many businesses have embraced this technology to get insights into customer service improvement and customer engagement. Mobile apps are a necessity for all businesses. It provides organizations a better option for marketing and advertising.


Enhances Visibility:

Mobile apps enhance the visibility of the business. Mobile is the most useful device we use in our daily routines. It can be helpful for small scale business or marketers to use these devices to enhance brand visibility.

Brand Reinforcement:

The sole success is to grab the attention of users or customers for the best marketing campaign. A brand can retain its goodwill with strong bonding between the brand and the customers.

Customer Loyalty:

Brand owners can easily connect with the customer with just one click. Business owners are offering discounts displayed through the mobile app. It boosts customer sales and also increases customer loyalty.

Reach out to new customers:

Every E-Commerce website has its unique point of selling that targets different audiences. Marketplaces such as Amazon or Flipkart help the business to reach a large audience. Marketplaces like Etsy targets the audience of those who are looking for specific products. Brands can use different methods to ensure that they interact with the target audience.

Better Accessibility:

With the notification feature, E-commerce brands can send notifications about the product's availability. Also, brands can display the new products recently launched. It can create a genuine customer base and also helps in building strong bonds.

Awareness and Recognition:

Mobile apps are like a blank blackboard. It is up to the brand, how to nurture your brand awareness and recognition. Get the idea from the customer or audience on how to improve your mobile app. Prepare the UI/UX design in such a way that your audience would love to use it.

One-touch access:

Visiting your favorite E-Commerce website and ordering has become convenient with just one click. Users can fulfill their requirements and purchase with one-touch access.

Target your audience:

Today majority of the users spend 87% of the time on mobile phones rather than on websites. Therefore, only website development is not enough to reach the target audience. It would be a great idea to target the audience through mobile app development.

Efficiency in the business:

Updating information about your business is possible through mobile apps. It guarantees the best performance of your brand in the eyes of the customers.

Increases sell:

Users explore the products and services of the company by mobile apps rather than through websites. Mobile apps can be of great use for the brands as it increases the sell. Mobile apps can propel the business by raising new customers and sales.

Wrapping Up:

Nowadays, competition exists between the businesses. Businesses can be reliable and trustworthy by the users that deliver the best quality services. It can also solve every query of the customers regarding mobile app development. The significance of mobile apps is growing as it helps to lead a successful business in the market.

How it works

step 1

We meet you

We meet you

step 2

Elicit your requirements

Elicit your requirements

step 3

Build Prototype

Build Prototype

step 4


App launched on approval

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My Kitty Diary

Ganesh Atta

Urvaraa - Medication Reminder App

Agriculatural Community Application

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How long will it take to develop my app?

On average, our company will take 4 weeks to develop an application. However, time may vary according to your requirements. Once we have your project in hand, we will be able to tell you the exact time required.

What platform is effective, an iOS or Android?

Both mobile platforms are extremely popular across the globe. Our Mobile App Development Company will recommend launching your app on both platforms for better ranking.

How do I know my IP is secure?

Before we start work with you, our Mobile App Development Company will be signing a contract with you stating all the details. One of the points of the work agreement clearly mentions that we do not use any code or technology used for our previous clients. Each client is presented with new source code and only the client has ownership of that technology and source data.

Can you develop all sorts of mobile apps?

Yes, we develop Native apps, mobile web apps, and Hybrid apps.

What is the significance of a Mobile App in modern era?

Mobile App or Application is a sophisticated software application designed with the latest technologies in order to display certain valuable applications in different kinds of mobile devices and tabs. The use of mobile apps is on the rapid increase as most people prefer mobile browsing now a days.

What are The Latest Usage of Apps?

At present apps are used in manifold ways. In modern days the use of apps is worth-mentioning. Everywhere the use of apps can be observed for the promotion and brand building of any particular business or organization. Now, mobile apps are used for playing games, reservation of tickets, booking shows, selecting items of a brand for purchasing, listening to songs, online dictionaries of different languages, etc. In a nutshell, the use of mobile apps is overwhelming.

Where to upload the Mobile Apps?

Mobile Apps can be uploaded in the App Store or Google Play Store and they can be downloaded from there too.

How long does it take to download or upload an app?

A Mobile App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store in the wink of an eye. Some formalities or protocols are there for the upload of an app. After proper formalities and verification, the apps can be uploaded in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Is downloading the apps from the Play Store and App Store safe? Can the apps create any security issues?

Yes, downloading the apps from the App Store or Google Play Store is fully safe and secure. The apps are fully verified and free from any kind of malware or virus.

How long does it take to design and develop one Mobile App?

There are no hard and fast rules in the designing and development of a Mobile App. Yet, for the designing of a Lucrative Mobile App a certain time frame is required. Yet, for doing this job we take a reasonable time in accordance with the requirements of the clients.

What is the role of Digifrizz Technologies in the arena of Mobile Apps?

Digifrizz Technologies is one of the highly reputed and pioneer Mobile App Development Companies in the arena of Mobile App Development in Kolkata. We have vast experience and expertise in framing elegant mobile apps. With the assistance of our technocrats and software developers, we design lucrative mobile apps for the people of Kolkata and other locations of the country and overseas too.

For any kind of Mobile App Development, Digifrizz Technologies is your ultimate destination.

How much Digifrizz Technologies charge for designing the apps?

Digifrizz Technologies is a client-friendly Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata. The interest of the clients is always greater to us than the interest of the company. So, we always try our level best to serve our clients at a budget-friendly and affordable cost. Our charges are always reasonable and honest.

Does Digifrizz offer after-sales support?

Certainly, Digifrizz Technologies always offers extensive after-sales service to dear clients. We always walk side by side with our clients and we stand by them in all their troubles 24*7. Our top priority is our clients and we support them in all their hardships.

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