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About Us

About Us
Our History

Our History

We at Digifrizz are one of most well-known SME service providers who have been in business since the year 2010 and we have finally formed our own business in the year 2017. Our main aim is to provide client satisfaction and that is why we endeavor is providing the best to our clients and maintain a cordial and friendly relation with them.

Our company comprises of a team of creative people who are innovative and experienced in the field of marketing.We have worked on more than 250 projects and have managed to successfully gather more than 100 satisfied clients whom we serve.

What services do we provide ?

We provide a host of services for our clients which include

  • Ecommerce services
  • Digital marketing services
  • Creative designing and mobile apps
  • Web application development
  • Software development

We at Digifrizz work with the best in business and provide different solutions to clients with their business problems and thus are becoming one of the best Website development company and service providers in India

Providing affordable and cost effective web development services

Digifrizz offers professional web design, web development and digital marketing services all around the world at a very affordable cost. We have a team of high innovative and skilled web developing professionals who provide you with the best solutions for your business since 2010.

We focus on understanding what our clients want as because we understand that creating a good website is one of the most important factors for a business to grow and give you a good return. We have a team of highly professional designers and web developers who can create great websites for you, based on your business requirements and we focus on helping you to reach the top and your competitors lagging behind.

After developing a suitable and well-designed website we can get started on our digital marketing efforts so that you can grow your business online as well. Led by founders and CEO, Somenath Das and CTO, Somdeb Mukherjee, the main mission of Digifrizz is to deliver smart technology based marketing solutions to all SMEs, where we start from planning to execution and managing web based services at a very affordable and low cost. We comprise of a team of 250 skilled people including freelancers who are as good as normal employees.

Providing affordable and cost effective web development services

Our goals

Our goals are directly related to your results

Make your website sell better

Make your website sell better

marketing potential

Create and improve your marketing potential (products, services)

access to unique technologies

Provide access to unique technologies, as well as the knowledge and experience to build a successful business on the Internet

clear, measurable results

Show you a clear, measurable results and regular work on the development of your business on the Internet