10 Reasons Why Outsourcing Website Development to India is Beneficial

December 12, 2019 Digifrizz digifrizz

Outsourcing Website Development

India is a vast country with the best talents in Information Technology Industry. The cost in India is cheap compared to the USA, UK, etc. Easy available of talents and low rate of talents prove beneficial to companies to outsource the projects to India. The main reasons are as follows:

  1. Cheap talent available around $15/hr
  2. Quality of talent is excellent
  3. Good ROI
  4. You can more focus on advertising rather than development
  5. More spending in an advertisement for acquiring new clients and less spending development hence greater ROI In an advertisement
  6. Peace of mind
  7. Development setup not needed thus saves a lot of costs
  8. Easy contactable to the developer through skype and other IM tools
  9. Very Good setup in India without worrying for monthly rates.
  10. Greater overall satisfaction.

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