7 Things to consider when tracking influencer marketing

December 12, 2019 Digifrizz digifrizz

Tracking Influencer Marketing

Nearly 90% of brands opt for influencer marketing and found it effective. 

Positive return on investment is everyone’s goal, but how many of you actually know the driving tactics of surviving the brand competition?

You may find yourself asking all the time “Why others are ahead of me when I too applied the same digital marketing policies?”

Influencer marketing is not as new as you live and breathe it while doing online marketing nowadays. Did you get what you had expected before executing your influencer marketing campaigns?


Well, the problem is not in the policy you applied, rather it is the lack of smartness. Your journey will decide on your destination. Think different to get different!



All you have to do is to consider the MOST CRUCIAL things when tracking influencer marketing.

Track right to get better—


You should always have a clear visual impression of ‘what you expect’ and ‘what you need’. When your needs collide your expectation, the ultimate goal is formulated.

Obtaining the main target is broader in concept. So, split your ultimate goal into small targets to achieve it easily.


Before you define your ideal influencer, you have to define your needs or wants. Let me explain it for better understanding.

Suppose, your target is to enhance brand awareness, they must choose top influencers. On the flip side, in case, you are targeting to attain audience, you may work with micro-influencers (follower base of up to 10,000 are known as Micro-Influencers).

Factors you need to check when choosing your ideal influencer for influencer marketing:

  • Have the ability to engage a large number of audience
  • Have the ability to add value to the content
  • Relevancy with your industry or campaign or brand
  • The link between your target market and influencer’s follower base


You can change your brand perception in the eyes of your target market by sponsoring your brand by influencers.

Influencers have a gigantic number of followers and hence they can effectively promote your brand to a large audience even if your brand is new in the market. Influencer marketing lifts your brand in the right market where most of your audience belongs to.


Deliver user-centric content through influencer marketing so that your audience can connect themselves with your offerings. Create different content for different marketing platforms so that you can grab your customers’ attention everywhere.

Now, you should keep changing your strategy from time to time, by checking your customers’ response towards your content. This would help you to generate more user-centric content.


Social listening tools connect you to your customers and help you in understanding their psychological traits. Pay heed on the sentiments people shares for your brand while doing influencer marketing.

Honesty is the best policy! Be honest when you are connecting to your target market to build brand trust.


You goal-based performance metrics should be—

  • Degree of content authenticity: Number of original and authentic content created that audience can rely on.
  • Product launch promotion: Level of engagement 
  • Conversion: Number of generated conversions, click-throughs, and so on.
  • Brand awareness: Engagement level, number of click-throughs, impressions, and so on. 



Influencer marketing is not only about tracking the overall campaign. After you promote your brand by your selected influencers, you need to keep close-eye to each influencer. Then only you understand which influencer’s activity leaves a better impact on your audience.