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Digifrizz Technologies has immense technological know-how and expertise in the domain of presenting Woocommerce web development. Starting from the conception and development of the websites to their final implementation and after-sales service we always stand by our clients to extend our excellent support. Woocommerce is in fact a WordPress Plugin that transmutes WordPress into a highly customized online store. For the implementation of a superior online store, Woocommerce can do the miracle. With its assistance, one can easily customize and develop a secure, adaptable, and best in class eCommerce website development.

At the same time, it is also true that fashioning a lucrative eCommerce Website Development is not a child’s game. It requires vast technological expertise, long experience in software development, and outstanding knowledge and intention to explore and win.

The basic advantages of choosing Woocommerce are worth-mentioning:

1.Built on WordPress.
2. Open development.
3. More than 400 official extensions.
4. Familiar Tools
5. REST API   
6. Documentation.
7. Manifold themes.   
8. Unrestricted customization.
9. Built-in blogging.   
10. Embed products, checkout, and others.
11. Trackable categories, tags, and attributes. 
12. Product ratings and reviews.
13. Showcase Geolocation
14. Product sorting and filtering
15. Limitless images and galleries
16 Manifold articles
17. Display Affiliate products
18. Display Numerous variations
19. Built-in payment process
20. Manifold Shipping options
21. Tax options
22. One-click refunds
23. Inventory management
24. Order management
25. Email notifications
26. Search Engine Optimization
27. Highlight important products
28. Customer Discount Coupons
29. Shop managers
30. Customer accounts and guest checkout


Digifrizz Technologiesis one such highly reputed and qualified technological platform which has ample excellence and expertise in the realm of top-notch eCommerce website development. With our eminent technological team of experts, we can offer our clients fully responsive and customized eCommerce development services. If you need a good  eCommerce Website Development Company in Kolkata Digifrizz Technologies can be your one-stop solution.