Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Increase sales of your site by increasing conversion

Conversion rate Optimization or CRO is a technique to get the most out of your website visitors. Even if you have tons of traffic on your website yet only a small percentage of visitors purchase from you. Whether your conversion rate is 2% or 30% you can optimize it to be more profitable.

Conversion rate Optimization or CRO is a systemic process of increasing the number of desired outcome from the same number of visitors in your website.

Desired outcome or Conversion can be of many types, like, generating leads, downloading product catalogue, setting appointment, buying product etc. More often than not your website visitors go through multiple micro conversions to reach the main desired goal. For example, if you’re a online store your micro conversions can be,

  1. Visitor being engaged with your page that means low bounce rate and more time on page
  2. Subscribing to newsletters
  3. Download the product catalogue
  4. Add products to cart etc

All these actions on your website are micro-conversions because each step takes your website visitor closer to the main objective, Sale.

CRO applies past data and users feedback to analyse and improve UX flow, design, content placements, remarketing, re-targeting etc to improve conversions.

Case Studies

What is included?

  • Analysis of appearance

    Identify major errors in terms of marketing and usability

  • Analysis of the statistics in Google Analytics

    Views Basic reports and maps in Google Analytics, to find problems and to understand the behavior of the users

  • A/B tests

    After examining the features of your business, we will develop a number of hypotheses that we test and choose necessary for implementation

  • Specification for implementation

    Report includes not only the description of the error, but also ways how they can be solved. It can be used as a specification for further improvements

Price Table

  • Standard

  • 100 search phrases
  • 50 links
  • 25 social media reviews
  • A/B conversion tests
  • Customer Support
  • $299
  • Order now!
  • Popular serviceProfessional

  • 200 search phrases
  • 100 links
  • 50 social media reviews
  • A/B conversion tests
  • Customer Support
  • Facebook Ads
  • Adwords Ads
  • $599
  • Order now!
  • Platinum

  • 500 search phrases
  • 200 links
  • 100 social media reviews
  • A/B conversion tests
  • Customer Support
  • Facebook Ads
  • Adwords Ads
  • E-mail marketing
  • Usability tests
  • Content marketing
  • $1699

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