Imagine you have a marketing tool that communicates your brand’s message only when people are searching for it themselves and you’re not paying anything until someone visits your online store (click the ads). Such effective marketing cannot be ignored in the era when 4.3 Billion people are connected through the internet, and 1.6 Billion searches are being conducted online every day!

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Pay per click, as the name suggests, you pay when someone clicks your ad link in SERP (search engine results page). PPC is THE MOST INNOVATIVE MARKETING TOOL of the century, and I don’t hesitate to say it aloud.

Imagine you have a marketing tool which communicates your brand’s message only when people are searching for it themselves, and you’re not paying anything for it until someone visits your online store (click the ads). No interrupted marketing but your brand presents it’s core competencies in various creative ways when the potential customers are in the right mindset. PPC campaigns are effective and unlike SEO, can deliver instant results.


  1. Full service PPC management
  2. Google Shopping campaigns
  3. Facebook and social PPC
  4. Display Network and re-marketing
  5. Search Engine marketing for E-commerce
  6. Amazon marketing service (Amazon PPC)

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What we do

Google PPC marketing (search, display, shopping, video)
Bing PPC marketing
Facebook PPC marketing
LinkedIn PPC marketing
E-commerce PPC marketing
Re-targeting ( Search, Display, Video, Social media, Gmail)
PPC account audit and improvements
Google merchant centre set up

Frequently asked questions:

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?
Pay Per Click is a marketing method where an advertiser pays a fee for each click that has to lead a person to advertisers’ website. The most popular platforms for PPC are search engines, or, social media platforms.

How can PPC marketing help my business?
PPC Marketing allows advertisers to show their ads in front of the targeted audience almost instantly. Meaning, you don’t have to wait months, or even years – to have your website showing on top of the search engines for your most valuable search queries.
Where will my potential customers see the PPC ads?
Best PPC Marketing focuses on paid search engine marketing, meaning, that your customers will be able to see your company’s ads on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! top search results, as well as, if requested, on YouTube, Gmail, and Google Display Network (an extensive network of 2+ million websites, and over 650,000 apps).
How much does it cost to do PPC marketing on Google?
Each search query, or, a keyword has a different difficulty and competition. For example, searching for a keyword “News”, which is searched 20,400,000 times a month, has a very low purchase intent – meaning, that there is little to no value that could be acquired from a click from this particular phrase. Meanwhile, “buy sports shoes online” is searched bare 500 times a month, but due to so many shoes selling companies pursuing this term – it is valued at INR 125/- per click. It is hard to predict the prices of keywords, but no matter the cost – Google will favour advertisers that set up their campaigns correctly and award them by higher positions with lower CPCs.
How much budget should I have to start with?
You can start with as low as INR 5,000 per month.
What are your charges?
In general, we charge to set up fees and a percentage of your total ads budget. You also get spending up to a specific budget free of cost.


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