Web Analytic Tools

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Web analytics let you gather data in numerical forms. Nothing is easier to compare than numbers. You may argue that numbers do not necessarily tell the entire story. Yes, but they certainly tell you where to look at to get the whole picture.

Data is the new oil and analytics is the mechanism to turn the oil into fuel.

Well, in the era of 4.5 Billion smart phones and 60% of the world’s population connected to the internet, there’s no dearth of data. Actually, there’s too much of it.

The universe of digital analytics is massive and can seem as complex as the cosmic universe. With such big, complicated subjects, we can get lost in the vast wilderness or become trapped in a silo. We can wander aimlessly, or feel a false sense of either accomplishment or frustration. Consequently, we lose sight of where we are, how we are doing and which direction is true north. – Avinash Kaushik.

It’s quite easy to get lost. Analytics is not only seeing What is happening within your website but also to find the WHY. We can help you get started and get the insights from your data that may shape your future business decisions.

Difficulty measuring customer journey.
Lack of audience discovery and clustering capabilities.
Inability to create a unified customer view.
Inability to share data easily across teams.

Good things come to those who excel at data-driven marketing.

You can experience multiple benefits when you go beyond collecting data and use web analytics to drive your marketing decisions.
Unified customer and audience views.
With visualisations of the information extracted from website data, you can create, update and expand your views of individual consumers, audience segments and entire audience populations.
Improved experiences.
With web analytics, you can optimise experience that customers can engage with. Capabilities such as fallout and flow analysis, cohort analysis and machine learning help you to understand traffic patterns and anomalies so you can lift performance metrics.
Audience segmentation for better targeting.
Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically segment and cluster visitors, which helps provide insights on your most valuable audience segments, so you can uncover missed opportunities and improve targeting.
Democratised data.
Move beyond a siloed analytics approach and share insights immediately across internal and external teams, allowing your data to inform all your business needs.