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Why We Are The Next In Line For Mobile App Development?
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Any social media addict will tell you how popular apps are. In the App store alone, there are 20 million app developers. Nowadays the trend has shifted to the most traditional industry sector, like the banks, police, government queries and so much more! According to Insider magazine, a business cannot be considered successful internationally, if it does not have an app option. Thus, Mobile App Development Company is nowadays are crucial.

Our team of experts will design your very own app right from scribbled notes to complete and working software. Not only, this we make sure that your dream of seeing your app in Apple App Store and Google Play store becomes a reality. Not sure still? Let us show you, what we do.

How do we work?

Our Mobile App Development Company builds a successful app in two ways – from the front end and from the back end.

As said in Spiderman – with great power comes great responsibility. Similarly, with better connectivity comes better capability. As connectivity became stronger with the advancement of technology, apps became more connected to the source of data that was received outside the applications. As a result of which applications were able to connect and update their user interface directly from the data sources. Thus, front end services relied severely on back end services to provide them with data.

We at our Mobile App Development Company make the front end and the back end talk to each other to provide better and faster services. We do it, through API or the Application Programming Interface. We create these APIs ourselves and do not rely on any third party. This is what makes us stand out from other service providers.

We provide prototypes before launching the actual app. Our team runs numerous test until the program is perfect. All our apps have easy installation. In case you are not mobile friendly, we provide hands on service and installation guide before launching the product.

What all services do we offer?

We offer a number of mobile app development services such as
iPhone app development
We build apps for every participant of your business –such as potential customers or clients, target audience, employees, associates as well as vendors to make sure to expand your business functionality to them in real time in the connected world.
We do mobile web and hybrid apps.
Mobile website design apps
From iPhone to iPad to Apple Watch – we’ve built hordes of iOS apps. Aurean Marketing Solution’s iOS development team made their mark developing iOS apps. We’re also experienced in Swift, and have the best team of C and Objective-C coders.
Android App development
Android apps live in a highly disjointed multi-device world. The API rules are less harsh, but quality assurance testing is more rigorous. At AMS, we know the drill. We are proud to say that the android team of AMS has developed a lot of cool Android apps on releases from 2.X to 5.X. From Gingerbread to Lollipop, simple phones to custom devices to Android wearable.
Cross platform app development
Nearly every app you build will use services external to the mobile device. Whether it’s from in the cloud or on-premise systems, modern cross platform mobile apps rely on API’s, cloud back-ends, and cloud processing. Move code closer to the data. Scale your apps. Optimize code. Deploy whenever and wherever needed. Test, monitor, and update dynamically with ease. As your mobile apps integrate cloud services, you’ll also want to bring your mobile skills to the cloud, becoming full-stack developers.
Mobile games development
Mobile game development has been a consistently developing field for almost half a decade now. With growing number of mobile platforms and their capacities, games have become an integral part of a mobile device.

Why choose us?

Explore and decide for yourself why working with our Mobile App Development Company is worth your time and money!

  1. We have a professional team of designers and prototype engineers that are dedicated in development of apps.
  2. Our apps are built with the latest UX technology. This gives all apps a vibrant look and feel. They are also user friendly with easy navigation system. We make sure you don’t get lost in the way.
  3. Strict and timely delivery. We maintain strict deadline and ensure that none of our team members are relaxed and lazed back when it comes to submitting their work.
  4. Our mission is to provide quality rather than quantity. Ultimately, no Mobile App Development Company will be successful, if they do not deliver quality work to impress their customers.
  5. We provide fast loading time coupled with high performance. An app which buffers in between or crashes is extremely unpopular by the customer. Our winning apps are known for their faster performance with no waiting time.
  6. Our apps are compatible with all mobile platforms. We pay attention to the features of mobile platforms. It can be anything, but if the basic features are right, it will work if you open it from Android or IOS or any other mobile operating systems.
  7. One of our strongest features is customer support. Our customer support team is highly trained with problem solving strategies. Whether it is a bug problem, or server problem or log in problem, we are there to fix it. We are available 24×7 and will respond immediately to your queries.
  8. We, at our Mobile App Development Company are constantly updating our system for better user experience. We strongly believe in the phrase word, that customer is king. For us, an impressive customer is a loyal customer. We make sure that our customers are enchanted by new cool features and stronger user analytics.

What does our Mobile App Development Company stand out in the market?

  • We provide high definition user experience.
  • We manage and generate API and back end operations.
  • We provide easy connectivity with your social profiles.
  • Our apps can be customized.
  • Our prices are extremely competitive and won’t put a hole in your wallet.
  • Our charges are transparent and there are no hidden costs.
  • We provide before-purchase-demo. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it!
  • We have 24×7 customer support.
  • We have complaints and feedback section and believe in healthy competition.
  • Cloud data storing services.
  • Push notifications on all our apps.
  • There are Image and voice recognition features.
  • Strong security systems for your apps.

Not satisfied with the mentioned rates. Let us personalize our rates just for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mobile App Development Company works for diverse companies relating to healthcare business, travel and tourism, education, banking, recruitment services, job providers and more.

On average, our company will take 18 weeks to develop an application. However, time may vary according to your requirements. Once we have your project in hand, we will be able to tell you the exact time required.

Both mobile platforms are extremely popular across the globe. Our Mobile App Development Company will recommend launching your app on both platforms for better ranking.

Before we start work with you, our Mobile App Development Company will be signing a contract with you stating all the details. One of the points of the work agreement clearly mentions that we do not use any code or technology used for our previous clients. Each client is presented with new source code and only the client has the ownership of that technology and source data.

Yes, we develop Native apps, mobile web apps, and Hybrid apps.


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