Why Do You Need an Expert Amazon Consultant

Reason 1

With an Amazon consultant by your side, you’re skipping the learning curve.

Reason 2

Amazon marketing consultants give you access to best practices & industry developments.

Reason 3

Having an expert Amazon consultant handling your account gives you time to Focus on finding business growth opportunities.

Who Do We Work With?

To put it simply, if you are on Amazon or want to be on Amazon we will work with you as long as we can make your company successful and there is a strong opportunity for your return on investment.


Startups Launching Products on Amazon


Small to Medium Size Enterprises


Fortune 500 Companies

Why should you hire us as your Amazon Partner?

Our Experience. Our team of Amazon Experts, have over 5 years of combined Amazon, e-commerce, and digital marketing experience. This experience has produced over $1,000,000 in e-commerce sales and over 1,000,000 on the Amazon platform alone. When you work with Nuanced Media you are getting an experienced team that knows what to do on and off the Amazon platform to provide you the highest ROI possible.


Our involvement in this domain is not new


We have a wide range of portfolio


Dominating online presence

What we do

We provide Amazon marketing strategies, proven to succeed that will greatly improve your Amazon Marketplace Performance.

Strategy, Analysis & Consulting
We will provide you with a full understanding of your options, opportunities and potential ROI.
  1. Competitive analysis
  2. Keyword research
  3. Product Pricing

Design Strategy & User Experience
Our strategic design will increase your conversion, reviews, and sales.
  1. Packaging
  2. Branding
    and more…

Product Page Optimization
Your brand’s foundation on Amazon starts with product pages. We will implement the best listing practices to optimize your success.
  1. Title, copy, bullet points
  2. Product Images
  3. Review aggregation

Advertising & AMS Management
Our proprietary optimization process will maximize your return on advertising spend and promote your best-performing keywords to outsell your competition.
  1. Full Campaign Management
  2. Completely Optimized
  3. Data-Driven Results

Amazon Marketing Services and Growth

Please see the following case studies, we selected these case studies as an example of our expertise as they aline with our customers’ common needs:


Startups Launching Products on Amazon


Increase Monthly Sales


Need Amazon Optimization


Decrease Ad Spend, ACoS, and Blended ACoS

The Launch. This case study reflects success we’ve had using the systematized approach. Within 6 months, we were able to help our client go from selling 0 to 700 units.

Sales Increase. Here’s another company that was grossing about $37k in monthly sales. Since we started their sale increased to $123,985 in 3 months. This is over 3x their originally monthly sales! Please note the post-holiday revenue as the product is not seasonal.


Monthly Sales in 4 months

More for Your Money. We manage the PPC advertising and marketing on Amazon for both small businesses like this company and highly established brands on the platform. Here is another example of our success. Please keep in mind that they’re using PPC to stay ranked for incredibly competitive keywords, so our strategy here is to target a 60% Advertising Cost of Spend (ACoS) and a blended ACoS (including the organic sales) of about 10%. We superseded these goals by hitting an 80% reduction or 39% in ACoS.


Reduction in ACoS with a Blended ACoS of 10%




E-Commerce wins off of the Amazon Platform

Strategy, Optimization and Sales Growth is great to target on the Amazon Platform and should be done first, however, it is only half the battle. Here are some examples of how we have helped our customers grow their business by driving more traffic to their Amazon account or increasing sales on their existing websites.

Cart Abandonment Recovery Optimization. Cart Abandonment is a reality for any e-commerce company. By implementing best practices, split testing and automating. We recaptured 23% of the abandoned carts and drove over $230,000+ in additional sales.


Cart Abandonment Recover for over $240,000 dollars

Driving Sales to Amazon. A Facebook chatbot list as an additional owned asset for an e-commerce company looking to launch products both on Amazon and its e-commerce store. We grew the Facebook list to 2.5k highly engaged, well-targeted, prospective customers using two social contest campaigns, and we’ve seen great success in engaging the audience with Facebook bots.


Return on Ad Spend

Learn More About Our Amazon Strategic Analysis

What you get:

  1. A complete analysis of your Amazon business
  2. A plan of action to improve your Amazon performance
  3. An opportunity to make tens of thousands more a month


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